Our factory is situated in a lovely green environment about 30 miles out of Kampala just a few miles after Mukono town towards Jinja. Here we store and process cash crops from all over Uganda such as sesame, chili peppers and cotton for world wide delivery.

Shares! FactoryThe Shares! factory provides valuable employment to local people with fair payment and good working conditions. People are well insured and receive free healthy meals and free medical care. Every week a qualified Clinical Officer examines every staff member and treatment is free. Working overtime is voluntary and paid double as is working during holidays. Shares! is one of top tax payers in Mukono district and has received 4 export awards in a row from the Ugandan Export Promotion Board as well as Certificates of Excellence from President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni.

Treatment ChambersOur seeds and grains are processed by a well maintained seed cleaning plant with machines from Cimbria in Denmark and all commodities are treated against vermin through a unique and computerized natural fumigation system developed by EcO2 in the Netherlands. The palletized goods receive a low oxygen application for a few days in a sealed climate room. It is the most environment friendly way to control rats and mice and also effectively kills insect eggs, larvae and adults insects.

Water Tank Behind Factory About 60,000 liter of rainwater is stored for daily use and the organic waste from processing is ploughed back to our organic farm on site where we intercrop chilli peppers with beans, ginger and mango trees.

Local exporters can bring their products for cleaning and for natural fumigation to one of the service terminals. Our facility is the only one of its kind in East Africa.