Shares Consultancy Limited

Shares Consultancy Ltd runs large scale Farmer Field School Programs for international NGOs and teaches and facilitates farmers to make better choices, produce a market driven commodity, develop a business attitude and further increase income by a ready market and market linkages. The north of Uganda is still dominated by production using marginal cultivation techniques and traditional methods with zero nutrient inputs. Simple farm management and cultivation techniques can double the yield.

Shares Consultancy is established under Shares! (U) Ltd that has operated in the agricultural industry and businesses for many years and in Uganda since 1994. The company can look back on more than 30 years history in sustainable agricultural production, marketing, processing and export of certified organic commodities produced by small scale out growers. Shares (U) Ltd developed an infrastructure that buys directly from the certified organic farmers using a network of registered out-growers, qualified field officers and stores with well trained staff and strict controls. The farmers receive various hand outs and a variety of trainings to produce a sustainable market driven product. Over the last twenty years Shares has built up a good operational business that has positively changed the lives of thousands of Ugandans through knowledge transfer and education and the provision of a viable stable income.

So Shares (U) Ltd does the procurement, processing and exporting of the agricultural commodities but training is not the core business of Shares (U) Ltd. All the experience and practical knowledge about farmer trainings is therefore brought under Shares Consultancy Ltd, a separate farmer training body with its own staff and infrastructure. The most experienced trainers are brought under Shares Consultancy which has the required experience and good infrastructure to offer support packages to farmers and trainers in Uganda. A team of foreign management with many years of work experience in Africa and a dedicated group of experienced local senior trainers has proved to be a successful combination